The hard truth everyone with a vision needs to hear

Does This Sound Familiar

You start building on your vision, get some traction, but somehow it either never pans out or crumbles just when you thought you were on to something. So you move on to the next thing or pick up the pieces, only to have it happen again and again.

It’s affected your friendships because your friends are tired of supporting your multiple visions. They’ve seen you promise success before and not follow through.
It’s affected your bank account because of the money and time you’ve invested with very little or no return at all. If you have a family that depends on you, they’ve paid this bill one way or another.
It’s affected your well being because after a while, deep down you wonder, “Should I have….?”
Everywhere you look it seems like other people know the secret, if only they’d lay it out step by step.

Here’s the truth:
Financial Success has almost nothing to do with the steps. You ever wonder why lottery winners win a ton of money and 99% of them go bankrupt?
It’s because they got the financial success BEFORE they had the capacity to handle it.
They weren’t the kind of person who could build or make millions yet, and so they did exactly what their capacity allowed. They squandered it and end up right back where they were before they won.

Here’s a second truth:
Your financial success is a mirror image of the capacity of your mind.
The guy who’s mindset is “I’m making these calls” will always sell more than the guy who’s mindset is “I don’t want to be a telemarketer.”
The girl who’s mindset is “I will go to these events and meet 10 people”
will always out do the girl who’s mindset is “I’ll ONLY use social media”
Now I’m not saying these tactics will work better or worse, We’ll talk more about tactics in the course.

But here’s the final truth:
I could give you all the tactics in the world, if your mindset is wrong, you will
sabotage, quit, or just completely ignore them.
This is why mindset is so important.
This is why it seems like everyone else has the secret, and they are only giving you half truths and it’s why I created Dream Builder Nation.
We go deep on mindset every single day, pushing you completely out of your comfort zone.
We’ll get rid of fears, so you can truly get started without looking back.
We’ll form good habits, and cement them with accountability so you don’t relapse.
We’ll overcome insecurities, so you can literally brush off any adversity.
We’ll grow…
We then follow that up with skill sets in marketing, sales, and content creation so you can really get your vision off the ground with experts in copy, online advertising, and more.
You’ll work with people who have managed 1MM+ in marketing and advertising campaigns and have gotten amazing results.
So you have a choice… you can keep doing what you’ve been doing. There’s nothing wrong with that.
We’ll still be here. Or you can invest a dollar a day towards getting the support you need to actually make something happen.


Dream Builder Nation (“The Nation”) is a thriving online membership community helping new and aspiring entrepreneur’s live life on their own terms. In “The Nation” you’ll be armed with the tools to overcome insecurities and procrastination, and develop the mindset and habits that will propel your life and business to the next level. Our goal is to prepare you for your entrepreneur journey. Up completion of our program you will have gain confidence in yourself, you will have clarity on your own personal path and how to be successful on that path, and you will have control over your ideas and habits.

it’s time to take create your own Narrative

Just Imagine

  • Having a new idea and knowing exactly where to start
  • Waking up doing what you love every day and being valued for it.
  • Feeling confident in the decisions you’re making for your life because you know your desired outcomes and how to achieve them
  • Completing an idea from start to finish and having lives enhanced because of your ideas.
  • Feeling prepared, all the dots are connecting and there is a clear path to your goals
  • Being in charge of your habits and conquering self-doubt, fear, and procrastination
  • Taking control of your barriers and feeling like a beast when you defeat them.

Here is what comes with your membership

Weekly Dare

Every week there is a new personal challenge given in order to amplify your execution. The Dares will be your personal accountability to yourself.

Daily Check-Ins

Get Daily Live Check-ins from Words Taylor and other dream builders. We thrive as a community on creating small daily WINS in order to create momentum in our day.

Weekly Huddle

Every week tune in to our sixty minute huddle for motivation, accountability, and to ensure that you are equipped with the proper plan and tools to crush the upcoming week.

Exclusive community

Get access to a community of like-minded individuals who will champion you, support you, challenge you, and hold you accountable for your goals on a daily basis. Feel free to build relationships, network, seek advice, and share space with one another.

Dream Builder Motivation

One of the pillars of success is taking control of your mind and thoughts. You will have access to 50+ videos and audios all centered around motivating you to take control and create the best version of yourself.

On Demand Courses

Get access to my premier courses with worksheets that demonstrate step by step how to develop a plan to increase your habits, coping, overcome barriers, and how to develop your ideas as an entrepreneur. These courses will also help you to develop principles for your life, create a strategy for your ideas, and finally be able to get UNstuck from your current level.

Membership Pricing

Monthly Membership

$ 97 /Monthly
  • Weekly Dare
  • Daily check-ins
  • Weekly Huddles
  • Exclusive Community
  • Dream Builder Motivation
  • On Demand Courses
  • Personality Evaluation
  • Group Monthly Q & A Webinar
  • Two- 60 Minute 1-on-1 session ($500 Value)

Annual Membership

$ 970 /Annually
  • Weekly Dare
  • Daily check-ins
  • Weekly Huddles
  • Exclusive Community
  • Dream Builder Motivation
  • On Demand Courses
  • Personality Evaluation
  • $194 Savings
  • Group Monthly Q & A Webinar
  • Two- 60 Minute 1-on-1 session ($500 Value)

Hear From Other Dream Builders

On my journey to figure out how to generate income online, I spent thousands on various programs, courses, and systems. I'd acquired a ton of knowledge, but still no clarity on exactly what to do, or the confidence to consistently move forward. I joined Dream Builder Nation a little over a month ago, and already am crystal clear on where I'm going and what to do next. The momentum and energy of the group is contagious. And the motivation, coaching and accountability that Words brings to the table are worth infinitely more than the monthly investment. So if you're on the fence, just DO IT! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Camille Dangerfield

Words enthusiasm is inspiring, motivating, and contagious! You cannot help but be affected by his energy, his heart, and his passion to motivate others. As a coach, he confronts you with your blocks and excuses, and holds you accountable. His courses that are available throughout the program provide a foundation for growth and personal development, instilling confidence to achieve whatever goals you are trying to reach. Dream builder nation is about taking action, not only encouragement, but help with the actual steps on the path to get you where you want to be mind, body and soul.

Valerie Carr

I have been motivated to just take more action. I'm always in my head about how I need to attack the day but with the accountability of the Dream Builders and the WORK WORK in those Units I feel more inspired to get things done

Sean Sanchez

I’m so glad I became a dream builder and join a wonderful team of dream builders. Words and his dream builder nation has really helped me become even stronger and better with my growth in all areas of my life. The courses are amazing and very informative! I had a great vision before I became a dream builder but once I went through his course and been able to hear great motivation from him daily has really made my dream and vision much bigger and clear! I’m so grateful to have started my journey with dream builder nation! 💯 Thank you so much Words Taylor!!

Jassy Shay

Just starting but I feel its great environment for accountability and motivation to keep moving forward which is easier to do with people who are trying to push themselves forward as well. I love the units they are creative, inspiring and really make me look within and get deep. Deep is where the roots are formed and we need roots before we can expect the flower. Also I think it's great to be able to connect with people who are going through what I'm going through in a way or have overcome certain obstacles and seeing what it takes to get through and get perspective

Crystal Adelaide Mendoza

Thanks to the nation and to words I’ve become more confident in front of a camera to record my workouts and I’ve learned consistency... so so excited to continue to learn to be a better me...

Jonathan Alfred

Because of the nation I am pushing myself even harder to achieve my dreams and I am not afraid.

Joan Alfred

For years, I was aware of and confused by WORDS and his motivational efforts. I didn't think I needed it, though. Then God reintroduced DBN to me at the right time and I finally realized how much I needed motivation and much more: a PLAN and TOOLS which make me unpack myself and rebuild myself towards being the best version of me. Plus, I get to be continually inspired by the efforts of my fellow dreamers, too! So far, I'm really determined and delighted!

Lori Young

Before joining The Nation (DBN) I had a lot of ideas and dreams, but they were all over the place and I wasn't gaining any traction on achieving them. Now that I am a part of The Nation, the guidance, mentoring, encouragement and focus provided by Words Taylor and my fellow Nation Family is unparalleled and my dreams and goals are being lined up and "knocked out" successfully and systematically!

Karla Selman

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You’ve allowed life to take control of your goals, and In return, you’re now stuck with a bunch of ideas that are running wild in your head, struggling with Self-doubt, And fear that you’re falling into the life cycle that thought you would never take part in. ​ The longer you wait to take control, the more it will hurt, because the desire to achieve and live your passion never goes away. ​ You can’t afford to continue living your life not pursuing your dream, it will only lead to regret. And once regret sets in, you have to live your life in replay every single day.

So let’s be real, your efforts have not been 100% and that’s hurting your progress.

You’re entertaining every idea that pops in your head hoping this will be “THE ONE” to break you free from just surviving.

You’ve probably started some great ideas, felt that high of starting something new, and have planned out all the money you’re going make.

But despite all your efforts you still find yourself, with less money, feeling like you’re running on a treadmill, and you start asking

“Why am I stuck in this same place?” “What am I doing wrong?”


When you know where you’re headed and how to get there you’ll be committed to making better choices to further your goals.

And when you commit to ONE idea, you will experience the breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for.

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Actionable Analytics


Actionable Analytics



Here are the Dream Builder Phases of Success.

Phase 1 - Discovery

DISCOVER YOUR SUPERPOWER: During the discover phase dreamers will partake in activities purposed to facilitate self awareness, awareness of others, and habit training. They will be introduced to the 4 superpowers we believe each individual possesses. These superpowers will assist participants in gaining clarity of their life purpose, behaviors, and overall identity.  

COURSE OUTCOME: Principles to guide behavior Operators Manual – You will know and understand how to maximize YOU. We’re going to dig into understanding your purpose and identity, how to overcome your current barriers, and prepare you for your Entrepreneur journey.

Phase 2 - Dream

DREAM: During the dream phase dreamers will take the new found superpower information and utilize it’s wisdom to take control of their goals and begin strategically brainstorming goals for future success.  

COURSE OUTCOME: Entrepreneur Profile- You will have a complete understanding of Your first steps to the dream, who it’s for, and how to present yourself as the best person to solve their problem.

Phase 3 - Develop

DEVELOP: During the develop phase dreamers will partake in activities to further build their confidence in their new found superpowers and create action plans based on their identified future goals.  

COURSE OUTCOME: Social Media Campaign- You will understand exactly how to utilize social media for the purpose of building a brand and creating sales.

Phase 4 - Deploy

DEPLOY: During the deploy phase dreamers will focus on building a community of accountability and support through our online community as they proceed forward with goal attainment.  

COURSE OUTCOME: Brand Identity- You’re going to learn and understand exactly how to create a recognizable brand that your customers are excited to support and talk about.

Phase 5 - Distribute

DISTRIBUTE: During the distribute phase dreamers will create a plan for next steps for personal success and create a structure to further support their individual growth.  

COURSE OUTCOME: Distribution Model – You will leave this phase with a plan for how you will make money in your businesses as well as how you will deliver your offers.